Equator Coffee Roasters – Freakin’ Good Coffee – Fair Trade, Organic Coffee – Medium Roast – 340g / Café Biologique 100% Équitable




Price: $14.99
(as of Jan 26,2023 22:12:17 UTC – Details)

Freakin’ Good! Try it! You will understand why everyone loves this best seller. MEDIUM roast coffee, balanced, familiar. If you love coffee you will get hooked on this Arabica coffee blend. Equator Coffee is focused on high quality, specialty roasted fairtrade coffee and organic coffee. Our whole bean coffee is roasted each week and our coffee beans range from light, medium roast coffee to dark roast coffee. Our specialty coffee is low acid, which means we roast to ensure low acidity in our organic coffee. Equator Coffee Roasters exists to connect the coffee drinker to the coffee farmer, from one family to another. We believe the world is a better place with better coffee that is sourced ethically and grown organically. At Equator, coffee is more than just a beautiful beverage; it is a way of changing the world. Made in Almonte, Ontario. Served across Canada. Equator Coffee Roasters 100% FOR Healthy Farmers, Healthy Families and a Healthy Planet 100% FOR Transparent Trade and Sustainable Business. Specialty coffee from farmers to your table. Coffee with heart. We donate a portion of every sale of our roasted coffee to SchoolBOX, a charity committed to making education possible for children in Central America. Equator also supports On the Ground, who partners with communities to bring clean water, education, women’s empowerment, and economic opportunity to farmers across the coffee-growing world.
TASTING NOTES: Sweet, caramel, bright. BREW METHOD: Whole bean coffee will need a home grinder. Grind according to recommended brew methods.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC COFFEE, KOSHER, ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Organic coffee is key to healthy environments in coffee growing communities. Healthy Farmers, Healthy Families, Healthy Planet.
FAIR TRADE / FARMER FOCUSED: We are part of a coffee coop and guarantee fair prices to farmers ABOVE the normal fair trade prices. Equator donates a portion of every sale to SchoolBOX, which goes to building schools and sending kids to school in coffee growing regions.
ROASTED IN CANADA: Sourced, roasted, packaged with local pride in Almonte, Ontario. Specialty low acid coffee. We have been roasting great coffee and supporting small scale farmers for 20 years!

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