Frog Friendly Coffee – Dark Roast, Whole Bean: Certified Organic, Single Origin, Wild Harvested, Specialty Coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico – 340g (12oz)




Price: $14.48
(as of Jan 27,2023 05:25:35 UTC – Details)

Frog Friendly Coffee grows WILD, not farmed, on richly biodiverse land that we own in Oaxaca, Mexico. Growing amongst the mango trees, vanilla orchids, cocoa and wild flora in the last remaining intact cloud forest of Mexico, no chemical sprays or pesticides are used, and the surrounding environment is not altered when these beans are harvested. The coffee you choose for yourself should taste great and not be bad for you, and this certified organic type — a specialty grade “Bourbon” Arabica with a rich, deeply satisfying flavour and a low acidity level (which is highly unlikely to cause stomach upset even in those prone to that) — certainly qualifies on that score. But ideally your choice should also be good for others and for the Earth as well, and it’s here that the Frog Friendly Wild Harvested Coffee line really shines. Every aspect of its production is geared to green, ethical, and sustainable practices, from how and where it is grown; to how the indigenous personnel (who are paid a premium wage) and product are transported (on foot, and by mule, in order to preserve the surrounding wildlife which they revere); to how it ultimately gets packaged in Canada.
Low in Chlorogenic Acid; Making it a great choice for sensitive stomachs
Dark has hints of dark chocolate with a smack of spice and a full body mouth taste
Easy drinking without the bitter or sour after taste. Shifts as it cools into a more smooth and cozy flavour. Great cup hot, cold brew or iced.
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