Pilot Coffee Roasters Academy Signature Everyday Blend, Whole Coffee Beans, 340 Gram




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(as of Jan 27,2023 05:13:33 UTC – Details)

Pilot Coffee Roasters is a full-service roaster, cold brewery and cafe operator based in Toronto, Ontario. All of our coffees are specialty grade (80 points or higher on a 100-point grading system). we love coffee and appreciate the nuance of every bean. To help you find the right bean, we share the following details on our coffee: tasting notes: our roasting team cup our coffee daily for quality and consistency. A set of 3 distinct tasting notes are decided prior to the release of each coffee, The first 2 describe taste and the 3rd describes the texture. Sliding scale: our custom scale measures each coffee’s flavour profile from ‘classic’ (Rich chocolate, caramel) to ‘adventurous’ (Bright, juicy and aromatic fruit notes). ‘direct Trade’ Icon: direct Trade means ‘relationship coffee’. These coffees are purchased directly from our producer partners and allow us to share their unique story.
The components of this blend change with the seasons, but it has historically been based on the interplay between a spicy, chocolaty central American and a bright, floral and fruity East African
Tasting notes: citrus, caramel, balanced
We recently launched new bilingual, eco-friendly coffee bags; while our coffee remains the same, your order may include our previous packaging
This whole bean coffee is ready to be ground for your brewing method of choice: drip (Chemex, pour over and batch brewing), espresso and immersion (French press, Aeropress and Clever dripper)

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