Single Origin, Rwandan Medium Roast, 454g, 1lb, Specialty Whole Bean Coffee (454g) (1lb)




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Maalum Coffee Co. ‘Single Origin Coffees from East Africa’ Our Commitment to You At Maalum Coffee, we make sure we know our coffee’s provenance during the entire farm-to-cup journey from the day the cherries are picked and washed, to the handling and shipping. Once our green coffee beans have arrived to B.C. Canada, they are taken through a meticulous roasting process so we can achieve the necessary profile of flavour and aroma to satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee palate. Our Commitment to the Farmers We will eliminate any unnecessary intermediaries by working directly with the farmers and exporters in East Africa. We will pay premium price for the coffee (above fair trade) directly to the farms and cultivate our relationships by giving back to their communities wherever and whenever we can.
SINGLE ORIGIN, DIRECT TRADED: This Grade A, 100% Bourbon coffee was picked at 1,700m altitude and was fully washed and sun-dried on raised beds at the Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Cooperative.
RESPONSIBLE ROASTING: We are roasting in an eco-friendly environment. Our beans are inspected and handled carefully then roasted in small batches (to order) in an environmentally-conscious roaster (Loring Smart Roaster) that regulates temperature levels and reduces gas emissions, creating a cleaner roasting process and allowing for better quality and a more flavourful finished product.
FOCUS ON EAST AFRICA: We are sourcing from some of the highest growing elevations in the world that have an abundance of rainfall, sunshine and fluctuating temperatures creating rich soil full of nutrients, aiding the growing process. The end results are coffees with very diverse flavour profiles normally described as being complex, fruity and floral.
CARING THROUGH COFFEE: Our direct trade practice allows us to pay our partnering farmers and farmworkers more than Fair Trade minimums. We also ensure that with every bag of coffee that we sell, a portion of it goes to the various communities where these farmers and their families live. The future of coffee depends on the commitment to giving back!

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