Stone Temple Coffees – Temple Goddess, Ground, Dark Espresso, Certified USDA & COR Organic and Fairtrade, 100% Arabica Grade A, 1lb/454g Bag (Temple Goddess)




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Temple Goddess Overview Most people have heard of the idea of pairing wine with food (white wine with chicken and fish, red wine with meat), and a few more people have heard of the idea of pairing beer with food, but the idea of food-coffee pairings is still a mostly unexplored frontier. The popularity of coffee drinking (which has really blossomed in the last few decades) has come in several waves. Experts summarize the first wave as an attempt to balance out and standardize the variety of flavors, the second wave as a celebration of the roasting process, and the third wave as a newfound focus on exploring the fantastic varieties in texture, taste, and aroma that this little bean has to offer. Restaurants are experimenting with pairing menus, and chefs and bakers are incorporating coffee into their recipes. The rule of thumb for food-coffee pairing is actually pretty simple. Take a look at what flavors are contained or alluded to within the coffee, and then look for food with similar flavor notes (you’ll notice we put coffee first in this example…if you’re not as devoted to the caffeinated beverage, feel free to start with food in the pairing process). To do this, take a bite of the food you’re serving, and chew slowly, savoring it and trying to find what flavors your detect. Once you pinpoint that, you’ll be on your way to selecting a great matching coffee…it’s that simple.
Cupping Notes: Baker’s chocolate, carbon, vanilla, apricot, black tea.
Barista Notes: Great for espressos and turmeric lattes. This blend offers an exquisite flavor.
Chef Notes: This darker roasted coffee blend provides a crisp flavor which makes for an excellent pairing with exotic cuisine dishes involving infused curries or spices.
A Certified USDA & COR Organic / Certified Fair trade: This is an organic ground coffee without any artificial sweeteners or colors added to it. A 100% Arabica premium Grade A fair trade coffee.
Premium coffee that is great and fair for coffee drinkers, coffee farmers and our planet. 100% Certified through respectable international agencies. Compatible with all types of coffee brewing methods and machines including espresso.

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