The Red Goat Ground Coffee Beans Exteme-Caffeine on the Market | 1 Cup = 6 Average Cups of Coffee | 17,000 UG/G Caffeine (Ground Coffee Beans 454G)




Price: $19.95
(as of Jan 27,2023 03:48:18 UTC – Details)

Start your morning off with a kick! The Red Goat Coffee Company produces the STRONGEST coffee in the world! High-caffeinated coffee with a surprisingly smooth and delicious flavor. Our coffee beans are roasted in Europe and sourced from farms around the world. Laboratory tested and certified as the world’s strongest coffee; The Red Goat is here to kick your day into action without needing multiples cups of coffee! One cup of The Red Goat coffee is equivalent to drinking SIX cups of your standard cup of coffee. Save your pennies and go with the GOAT of coffee. Try The Red Goat Coffee and open your eyes to a new kind of day. The Red Goat comes in ground or whole bean coffee.
EXTREME CAFFEINE: Red Goat Coffee is proven to be the highest-caffeinated coffee in the world and provides 6 times the amount of caffeine as an average cup of coffee. Tried and tested at Maxxaam Laboratories.
SMOOTH FLAVOR: Our roasted coffee beans will give you extra energy with out sacrificing flavor. Your cup of coffee will be surprisingly smooth and fresh.
VALUE IN EVERY BEAN: You can replace 6 cups of normal coffee with one cup of The Red Goat Coffee and get the same level of caffeine! Our coffee grounds will last longer since you wont need to drink 6 cups a day to stay awake and alert!
HIGH-QUALITY BEANS: Our coffee beans are roasted and ground in our European facility that has sourced high quality beans from around the world for over five generations.

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